Sunday, November 8, 2009

What is Death and why do we have to experience it?

I am deeply troubled today because my wife's grandmother is very sick and we are afraid that she may not have much more time on this earth. My wife is having a lot of trouble accepting it and when my wife is sad I am sad also. I have tried hard to think of all the right words to say but my words are not enough. I wish I knew the magic words that could make losing someone we love easy. I think those words don't exist. I remember when my father was dying. He was fighting to stay alive and breathe and all of us, his children, went outside and discussed what to do. We decided that we had to tell him it was ok for him to go so he wouldn't suffer more. The only thing we didn't decide is who would do it. We gathered around his bed and all of us waited for a few seconds for someone else to begin. Finally I decided that I had to speak up and do it to save the others from the pain. I told my Dad that it was ok for him to leave us and he responded by saying "ok". About 15 minutes later he was dead and I felt so terrible, like I had killed him. At the same time I felt like I had given my Dad a way to end his suffering. He had no chance anyway because he had terminal cancer. Some of the words I told my wife while ago was that she had to let her grandmother go even if it hurt. A person shouldn't have to continue suffering and Lola has suffered enough. Her work here is nearly done and she can leave knowing that she did a good job and left behind many who love her. I wish we could all do as well in our life as she has. I want to discuss what I think death is. Some of you may agree and some will certainly disagree, but thats ok. What is death and why do we have it to deal with? First of all we shouldn't have to die and God didn't intend for us to ever die. The fact that he gives us control over our life by letting us make decisions of how we live our life is what brought death to this world. Adam and Eve were perfect and although some people don't realize it, they were also immortal. Unfortunately there was another one that wasn't perfect named Satan. Satan put sin before Adam and Eve and tempted Eve with many sweet and promising words. She believed what he said and committed the sin, then advised Adam to do it too. God had given the choice of following his rule, or going against him and following Satan. When they chose Satan that put God out of the picture. God didn't give us death, Satan did. Sin brings imperfectness and death. Notice in the Bible how the first generations lived for many hundreds of years. Sin was new to the world then and hadn't time to shorten our lives as much as it does now. Eventually our lives were shortened to what they are now. About 70 or 80 years on the average. Do the dead know anything? No they do not. No matter what you may hear. The Bible says in several places that the dead know nothing at all. They feel no pain, no suffering, they don't make plans, they don't hear or see you. I can't remember right now the chapters and verses that gives this information but I believe some of it is in Ecclesiastes. God gave us a promise that if we follow his ways, someday he will rescue us and give us life again. We will be resurrected from his memory into a perfect healthy body. Where will we live? Once again I have to go against what most religions teach because its simply not what the Bible says. Read Psalms chapter 27 verse 39. The earth will stand forever and the righteous will remain forever upon it. A few will go to Heaven but most won't. Its ok because this earth will once again be perfect, with no sin or suffering, no death. The ones that do go to Heaven will serve as judges and ruler with God for the 1000 years after he takes back this world from Satan and the Bible doesn't really say what will happen to them after that. I assume they will always remain in Heaven but maybe they will return here. There is nothing to fear from death. Sometimes the way people have to die is bad but death itself is like being asleep. We have all experienced death before. As a matter of fact we have much more experience being dead than alive. We were dead before we were born and that is what death is. We simply cease to exist until God gives us life again. It doesn't hurt and its not scary, we have done it before so don't fear it. What happens to us after death if we don't achieve everlasting life? The Bible says that the wages of sin are death, and the dead know nothing. Nuff said? Now that I have expressed my feelings and beliefs I realize that I still don't know what to say to my wife to make this easier for her. Her grandmother will soon come to the end of pain and suffering, and I want my wife to let her go in peace and come to terms with the fact that Lola is much better off now. She can sleep and rest until God comes for her. I hope all of you will say a prayer for my wife. She lived with her grandmother for awhile so they are very close. She is having a hard time saying goodbye. May God give me the right words to help her and may he give her strength to face and accept it......

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