Monday, November 16, 2009

Do local searches online easily

What a neat place I have found online. Its called and you can do searches for businesses in any city or town in the United States. When you do the search it will bring up a map showing exactly where the business is located in the city. Wow, I did a search for a local department store in my town and instantly it was there on the map. I didn't have to know the address of the store. I just did a search on the name. For example if you want to find a certain business or hotel in Pittsburgh, PA its easy, click on the link and try it. How about Miami, Florida or Charlotte, NC? Once again its easy and so handy. This is a useful tool and we should all bookmark it so we can find it easily. Do you have a business? If so you can add it to this site and it will show up in the search. You will like this site. Do a search for hotels or something similar in your town. I did and it brought up many hotels in or near the town. If you are traveling you can easily come up with many options of places to stay, eat, get entertainment, etc. If you are in need of something just do a search. I did another search for wood products in a town and it found several sites pertaining to wood, and showed where they are on the map. Pretty neat! Click on the links above and go try them out. It will make your life easier!

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