Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My other blog was disabled by mistake, or carelessness

I have a serious gripe tonight. I used to have two blogs but now thanks to Google and/or Blogger I have lost one. Hopefully it will only be temporary but it is costing me money, time, and my reputation. I did nothing wrong, but my other blog has been yanked because they say it may be a spam blog. No, it is absolutely not a spam blog, as those of you who are my faithful friends can verify. I don't mind Google and Blogger searching my blog and making sure its legit, and I do understand that spam blogs cause trouble. What makes me mad is that they shut down my blog because their robot flagged it. Then they take their time to take a personal look at the blog to see if it is ok. Its been nearly a week now since they killed my blog and its still not restored. I can't access it in any way. Months of hard work is gone for nothing, maybe for good. Why? Who the hell knows, they said it had too many links to one site so it MIGHT be spam. It wasn't spam, it was a paid post I did for an advertiser and they asked for 4 or 5 links to their site. There is nothing wrong with that and thousands of other blogs have the same thing. My blog had a page rank of 4 when they yanked it but I am betting that if I am lucky enough to get it back my page rank will be gone. More aggravation is that they give you no phone number to call, no email address, no way to contact them to tell them that they are making a mistake. I do agree that spam blogs should not be allowed but when some hotshot robot flags a blog as possible spam, the blog shouldn't be turned off UNTIL it is proven to be spam. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Not with Google, you are what they say you are and you can't do anything about it. I had a lot of respect for Google and for Blogger until now, but no more. When they notified me that my blog was disabled until further notice they put an apology that since I had tried to restore it, it probably wasn't spam after all. I don't need sorry, I need action. that was nearly a week ago. Turn my blog back on! I didn't do 4 months of hard work just so some dipstick robot can delete it. At least I hope I didn't. I will post again to let all of you know how this comes out, if they don't decide that this blog is also spam, or some sort of terrorist blog, or anti American or some other fool thing. Yes, you guessed right. I am pissed! I am risking the wrath of our internet dictator to warn all of you to be careful. All of your work can be gone in an instant. Save your posts to wordpad, notepad, etc and if your blog is pulled you can start over. I would also like to give some good (common sense) advice to Google and Blogger. Have your robots to crawl the sites and if they find a suspicious site, flag it to be inspected by humans. DON'T turn it off first, then kill days or weeks procrastinating. Blogs are hard work and we deserve respect for them. If you disable a blog wrongly you have made an enemy. If you are right it can wait another day to be turned off. Ok nuff griping and I hope all of you have a wonderful day, except the folks responsible for messing up my blog...... Naw I hope they do too, just get it together and be more careful.

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