Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Raking Leaves and close relationship

Our property is covered with trees and in the fall they make a mess. My wife has been raking and hauling leaves while I am at work. Its a big job! She is using our ATV and a trailer to haul the leaves out to the woods and dump them. She is doing a good job, the yard looks better than it ever has at this time of year. In case you haven't already guessed, my wife and I are very close. There is a lot of difference in our ages but we have a closeness and love that is very special. We do everything together. The only thing I do alone is when I go to work, but here at home and everywhere else we work together on everything. She helped me build our chicken house and pen, we work in the yard together building flower beds, in the garden, we take walks in the woods, even shoot guns together. I love my wife! I wish that everyone could have a relationship like we do. Ours is more like the old fashioned kind. We don't go to places where we think something might cause us trouble. For example we don't go to bars and we only drink alcohol when we are alone together. We pray before every meal and give thanks to our Lord for all he has given us. I will say it again now... Thank God for my wife!!

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