Sunday, November 15, 2009

Take time to share and learn from the elderly

Sometimes we just don't make enough time for our elderly loved ones. My wife and I went to visit my Mom yesterday and she was so glad to see us. She nearly cried when we left last night. My wife and I started figuring up how long it had been since we had been to visit my Mom and it was more than two months. We intended to go nearly every weekend but something always came up, and sometimes we were just tired and didn't want to drive the 75 miles to see her. Well thats not good. We love Mom a lot and she is full of wisdom that she has learned in her lifetime. In fact my wife and I are mini-farming now, complete with chickens and a garden, and we need Moms advice a lot. Of course we call her every Sunday evening but thats not the same as visiting her in person. She is nearly blind and can't do any of her hobbies now. She lives alone and sits in her chair all day staring at the walls. She can barely see to watch tv and can't really tell what is going on. This post is to tell everyone that I do love and appreciate my Mom a lot and I am sorry that I sometimes don't make enough time or have enough energy to visit like I should. My wife lost her grandmother last week and when something like that happens it brings to our mind that its too late to make up anything lost or missing in our relationship with that person. I rarely buy flowers for someones grave because my belief is that we need to show our love and respect for the ones we love while they are still alive. Unfortunately sometimes I fail miserably. I wish I had done many more things with my Dad before he left this life. To all of you, take time for your family, your friends, all whom you love. Don't keep putting it off from day to day or week to week. Someday will be your last and someday will be the last for everyone you love. Give hugs and kind words, share experiences, talk about old times. Above all, learn from the experiences of elderly people. Don't say "That was then, this is now". People don't change, only technology and dates change. The life lessons that the old have learned are still in effect today.

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