Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Earn Money Blogging

We can all use extra money. My wife and I enjoy blogging and since we blog anyway we also do Blogging for Money. Its a great way to have some extra money. There is a site called YouSayToo.com that can show you How to Make Money Blogging. The best way to Promote Blog is to share it on YouSayToo so many people have access to reading it. The more visitors you get, the more clicks you get on your site, and the more revenue you generate. When you start an account on YouSayToo you will earn money with Google AdSense and/or Amazon affiliate. You will then do Revenue Sharing with YouSayToo in the amount of 50% for the impressions on your account. Its really easy and it will generate extra income for you. You will be amazed at how much money you can make if you are willing to put some work into blogging. My wife and I are proof of that. If you enjoy writing and have a subject that interests you then blogging for money is for you. Blogging is easy, fun, and it lets you either keep a journal or share your opinions, knowledge, or experiences with others. Don't suppress your creative self. Share it with others by joining YouSaytoo and submitting a blog!

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