Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good chicken and an idiot robot

What a beautiful fall day we had here today. My wife and I worked on our chicken house yesterday, and today we harvested 4 of our chickens. Yes I know harvested is a nice way of putting it and yes it bothers me a lot to have to be involved in the graphic part of bringing meat to the table. It bothers my wife too but we do it anyway. I'm just glad we have a conscience, because if it didn't bother us it would worry me. We cooked one of our chickens outside over an oak fire and it was pretty tasty. We will take two of them to my mothers house to cook on Thanksgiving. Roast chicken is pretty yummy! We accomplished a lot this weekend and now I am tired. I told my wife that I will be glad to get back to work tomorrow because I need the rest lol. We put the roof on the new room of our chicken house yesterday and built some feed boxes for them, complete with our ingenious unpatented poo proof covers so the chickens can eat but not get inside the boxes to mess them up. In other news google, yes I chose not to capitalize their name, has still not restored my other blog. They disabled it on the 13th because their genius robot said it MIGHT be a spam blog. Of course its not and when I clicked for them to restore it sent an apology to me and said it probably was not a spam blog and they would review it to see. Well I waited a week and then when I tried once again to get them to restore it, they pretended that they had only received my restore request on the 21st. Now they say that a real person will look at it to see if its a spam blog or not. I have no idea when that will take place and I have no idea if the real person will be less an idiot than the robot is. My suggestion to google is this. Let your idiot robot surf the sites but when they find something that doesn't look right, don't risk a mistake by ruining someone else's hard work. Let the 'real person' that you say works for you go take a look at the site BEFORE you kill it. OK? Maybe thats too much common sense to expect of such a huge internet giant such as yourself, but give it a try. It might save you some customers in the future. Remember, we the people made you and we the people can break you. Yahoo is looking better and better to me. Let me make it even simpler so your real person and also the robot can understand. Innocent until PROVEN guilty! My blog is not a spam blog. Give it back. Its mine and not yours.

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