Thursday, December 9, 2010

Something good is going to happen to you, or not

I get sick of the so called televangelists that beg for money from the poor masses, and then fly home to their mansions in their private jets. They have mislead millions of people into believing that the only way to heaven, is to buy it from them through donations.  I think that surely these jerks must not even believe in God, or they wouldn’t have the nerve to act so irresponsibly. I remember when I was a kid how Oral Roberts and his son would sing “Something good is going to happen to you”. Of course the gist of the song was that something good would only happen to you if you sent money to them. The song was the theme song that they played every week while the audience was being begged and threatened for money. Since those days most of those televangelists have gotten in trouble with the law, for things ranging from dealing with prostitutes, to embezzling money. I personally had a relative (by marriage) that took money from local churches to finance his “missionary” work to remote places such as Belgium, and England. The poor uneducated people this guy was ripping off never even stopped to consider that there is no need for missionaries in those countries. They were civilized long before this country was. What it amounted too was an all expense paid 8 year vacation for a worthless jerk that isn’t worth the air he breathes. This same guy was accused of molesting his own kids, both the son and daughter. The last I heard of him he was still pastor of a church and still living off church money.

My readers, let me tell you that serving God is great. Helping the poor and hungry is great. Just be sure that you do the helping yourself. Don’t let some rip off artist convince you that they have a direct pipeline to God, and that you should use them for a middle man to reach God. It is not necessary. Trust me on this, YOU can talk to God just fine without their help. On the other hand, if you want to contact Satan you might use the so called preachers and televangelists, because their ways are much more like Satan than God.

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