Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hard work doesn’t always produce

Work has been very discouraging lately. It seems that the harder we try, the more things go wrong. Finally yesterday we got a new big saw blade that cuts fast, and things started picking up. Today we were having a productive day, and then 30 minutes before quitting time we broke a small piece of metal on the machinery. We stayed late and repaired it. Luckily it wasn’t anything major, and it only lost us 30 minutes of work time. Christmas is nearly here and since most of the guys get paid according to how much we accomplish, we have been trying hard to make some extra money so they can give a better Christmas to their families. Hopefully things will go better for the rest of this week. One thing I am happy about is that we are supposed to get off work for a couple of extra days at Christmas! I can’t wait. I am burned out and worn out. I need a break!

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