Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our Christmas shopping is finished!

My wife and I have spent the day doing our Christmas shopping. We shopped til we dropped! That is more than just an expression; we were literally ready to drop when we got done.

Although there were a lot of shoppers in the stores, it seemed to me that there were a lot less than last year. The sluggish economy is showing, even at Christmas. I feel sorry for the people who don’t have enough extra money to buy a gift for their loved ones, but next year it may be our turn. I hope not. It is a scary time for us all.

My wife likes to shop, like most women do, but she would much rather go to thrift stores than to shop for new products. She is hooked on it, and even today she used some of her Christmas shopping money to go to a thrift store. She did get some good buys on clothes.

We had a good time and got back home safe and sound. Then it took us a long time to get our gifts wrapped, but now they are under the tree, the lights are on, and we are relaxing and watching a movie we bought today. Hope your day was as good!

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