Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bad weather and torrential rains lead to several deaths

We have had wave after wave of rain and storms. I think it is more rain than I have ever seen in such a short time. I heard on the news this morning that 11 people have died in our state in the last 2 days from the bad weather. There has been torrential rains, flooding, tornadoes, large hail, strong winds, and it just keeps coming. One of the guys I work with said that his wife couldn't even get home and had to stay in town overnight. Even the highways were flooded and impassable. The weather forecast is finally giving some good weather and sunshine for the next 2 days, but then the rain is supposed to return. A couple of weeks ago a local lake was so low that one of the water treatment plants had to be shut down. Now the lake is in flood stage and they have the flood gates open and are generating electricity with a vengeance.

There are always some tragedies involved when natural disasters hit. A few years ago a lady drove her car into a stream and the flood waters suddenly struck, drowning out the car. She tried to lead her two small children to safety, only to have them ripped from  her hands and swept away. They were both lost. This time an old couple from hear here drove into flood waters and were both drowned. So tragic and un-necessary, but its easy to make a bad judgement. Hopefully the bad weather is nearly over and there will be no more deaths.

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