Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blanche got a bath, against her will

Our little dog likes to run in the woods, hunting and chasing anything that will run from her. She is a small dog so probably most animals that condescend to run, are only doing it to save Blanche’s pride. We noticed yesterday that Blanche had a terrible smell. She had evidently found something in the woods, perhaps a dead animal, and had spent some time with it. She smelled so bad that even my wife would not give her any love. We decided this morning to give her a bath so we hooked up the garden hose and Bebie got out the perfumed soap. Blanche didn’t enjoy the bath nearly as much as we did. I had to hold her collar tight to keep her from bolting. We got the job done and when we released her, she took off like a streak of lightening. It was funny because of course the first thing she did was to go roll in the dirt to get the water off her. She was cold so she started running and trying to play with us. She would look at us with a look that said “come on, lets rumble”! But when we got close to that garden hose, she wouldn’t come to us.


Blanche is a good little dog and seems like part of our family. She pouts just like a kid when we make her stay in her pen or scold her for something. Bebie, my wife, gave her a hot dog after the bath this morning so I think we are once again in her good graces.

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