Friday, April 8, 2011

Canning green beans, and shooting my new pellet rifle

Once again we are in the process of canning some food. This time its green beans. I got a good deal on some at the grocery store this evening and now my wife is preparing them for canning. We are slowly but surely getting a supply of food built up.

It’s weird how money doesn’t seem to buy anything lately. The high price of fuel has driven up the price of everything else. Every week we plan to take it a little easier on our grocery budget, but every week we fail. It seems to cost more and more each week to get by. I don’t see how people with low income can even afford to eat.

We got lucky at work this week. We were supposed to work Saturday and we were dreading it, but our boss called it off so now we have two days to rest up and catch up on our home chores. I am pretty tired and glad to get to sleep in tomorrow.

I had an escapade with my new pellet rifle yesterday evening. I was outside shooting it and couldn’t hit anything. I was surprised, because it is usually accurate. I shot until my arm was exhausted from cocking it, and still couldn’t hit anything. Finally out of disgust, I decided that I would remove the scope and see if I could hit the target better with open sights. That’s when I discovered that the scope was loose. The recoil of the gun had shaken the screws loose and that was why I couldn’t hit the target. By then I had the scope settings so messed up that it took me another thirty minutes to get it reset. The accuracy of that gun is not quite equal to a firearm, but the power is amazing. Cans don’t have a chance.

Everyone have a great weekend, enjoy this wonderful weather!

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