Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chimney caps are made to fit most any size and shape of flue

Life here in the country is great! We have so much more freedom, and the people are much nicer than you are likely to find in more populated areas. Our property here is wooded and we love it, not only for the peace and quiet, but also we have enough firewood to last us forever. We don't heat with wood at the present time, but we do have a wood burning fireplace, and in years past I installed another chimney so we have the option of installing a wood burning stove if we someday decide too. Both of our chimneys are metal that go up through the roof and have  chimney caps on top to keep the rain out.

Chimney caps are something that most people take for granted, but there are literally hundreds of different styles and sizes. Getting one that will fit properly to keep bad weather out, but let smoke escape freely is of vital importance to keep your chimney working well. A wood burning stove or fireplace is safe if properly installed and operated.

Chimneys are made of several different materials, such as stainless or galvanized metal, brick, or stone. They can be of different shapes such as round or oval. Luckily there are chimney caps and other accessories made to fit just about any configuration you can think of. In our failing economy and rising fuel prices, I am glad that we have the option of heating for free with wood. It is one less thing to worry about.

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