Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shopping for the Season!

Guest post written by Alexa Davies

Now that I'm living in New York, I have to get used to weather that I am just not used to down south. My husband and I have had to do a lot of shopping to bulk up our wardrobes with clothing that is suitable for this kind of weatherÉI've had to buy several different kinds of boots for work, and I've definitely picked up more in the ways of long sleeved shirts and leggings! But who can complain about shopping? And even better: the cold weather situation has also given my husband an incentive to come shopping, which has been fun for me. I can never get the man to come along most days, ha!

Now that we are fully equipped to go out in the cold weat! her, we've noticed the house might need a little insulation, as well. The windows are pretty drafty, and it's also hard to keep the house warm. While we can shop for coats and boots, neither one of us are really knows what to do for the houseÉI think it might be in our advantage to look into Home Pro Improvement options or something rather. We'll see!

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