Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cowardly murderer Bin laden is finally where he belongs

Yesterday I heard some DJ’s on the radio talking about how although it probably isn’t a Christian attitude, they can’t help but be happy that Osama Bin Laden is dead. I agree with them. That is one less cowardly murderer that the world has to deal with. From what I read on a news site he was a jerk to the end; even using his wife as a shield to try to keep the bullets away from his worthless body. It didn’t work however; our Seals shot him twice in the head and once in the chest, just to make sure. I think their reasoning was that you can’t kill a snake too many times.

A bunch of Muslim Bin Laden lovers started a page on Facebook that said they were all Bin Laden, I guess trying to infer that they were all joined as one for the cause of killing innocent people. Facebook, to their credit, took their page right off the net. I applaud Facebook for their action. I just wish the Secret Service would look up every idiot that contributed to that page and if they are in this country, out they go, no questions asked, no more politically correct, no more BS.

Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were both nothing but cowardly bullies that used others to do their dirty work, or made sure that they had plenty of backup so they could torture and kill without risk to themselves. At least Hussein met his end with courage. I watched the video of his hanging and he faced it like a man, unlike Bin Laden who tried to use his wife as a shield. What a worthless waste of oxygen he was. Our world is much better off without him. Unfortunately there will probably be a massive fish die off from eating his poison carcass after it was buried at sea. These Muslim terrorist nuts have been convinced that if they die for the cause they will get 40 virgins in the afterlife. What they haven’t been told is that all 40 are camels. Real women wouldn’t touch them(perhaps for fear that they might be used as shields). It is amazing how a man can achieve the hate and disgust of the entire world in 54 years, but its even more amazing that there are fools out there who believed in him. Bin Laden, I echo the words of our ex governor when I say, “welcome to hell”. You put others through enough of it, now its your turn. You have all eternity to enjoy it. Doubt if you will be allowed any virgins to use as shields…

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