Monday, September 26, 2011

A really good idea to make the holidays more affordable and enjoyable

You know how hard it is to get everyone together for the Christmas holidays. Sometimes it's hard to find someone in your family that wants to have a big crowd of people at their home, and sometimes there is just not enough room for everyone. I found a solution today that is really neat. Why not take your holiday breaks just like you would take a vacation? You could rent a nice holiday cottage, villa, or even a chateau somewhere, share the cost with everyone attending, and voila, Christmas is fun with no fuss and no muss! The rental could be in your own country, or even oversea in some agreed upon location that would please everyone.

I was thinking about what a nice holiday vacation our family would have if we had our get-together somewhere in the Caribbean. All stress would be gone, the weather would be perfect; no snow or ice, no cold to contend with. We could have a true vacation and go from Christmas, right through New Year's.

Actually there is no end to places that a group of people could go for their holidays. Sharing the cost would open up many more possibilities. It would be a good idea to take a look at some travel guides right now and get a head start on planning. There are so many options, depending upon how much money your group has; everything from low budget to no budget. I am glad I discovered this idea. It can make Christmas and New Year's so much more fun!

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