Friday, September 23, 2011

My Birthday and remembering my life

Today is my birthday and it is a day of thanks for me. I am blessed to have been on this earth for 53 years. I have spent some of the day reminiscing and remembering. Not all of my years have been good, in fact some have been downright miserable, but I have learned from all of them.

I believe that in our lives we have to experience many things. I believe that we need to feel all of the different emotions that life can bring us. In my life I have felt love, hate, trust, betrayal, peace, rage, hope, despair, and sometimes even total emptiness; I have both given advice and comfort, and received them. I have sometimes wanted to give up, but never could figure out how. I have had aspirations to greatness, and I have felt lower than the lowest; I have walked away, and been walked away from; I have shamed and been shamed. I have doubted, and been doubted. I have encouraged, and I have been an encouragement to others; I have believed in what was not real, and I have refused to see what was real; I have been a step for others, going both up and down; I have helped and I have hurt; Most of all, I have loved and been loved.

Today is special to me, partly because of all the things I listed above, for all were things that have made me what I am, but also my day is special because the one I love most is here with me, my wife. My life has been just that: a life; a life that has been through most of the spectrum of emotions, both good and bad. I liken life to a road going cross country; sometimes it’s smooth, sometimes it’s downhill, but sometimes it’s bumpy, rough, and steep. Sometimes so steep and rough that we can’t seen any way to continue on our course. There is however always hope as long as we breathe, so we can never give up. If we keep on going, our road will sooner or later once again be smooth and easy to travel. My road is like that now, and life is good here with my wife.

Happy Birthday to me!

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