Friday, October 7, 2011

My House

Thanks for the post from Lynn Guy

Next Sunday the boys are going to be coming over to watch all the NFL games at my house. I have been asking my wife for the last several weeks if she would mind cooking something for me and the guys because every time we go over to each others houses there is always great food and the beer is always ice cold so I cannot let my friends down. The good news is my wife is a really great cook so I am guessing that my house will probably be the house that all the guys want to come visit every time a game is on. The fact that my wife is such a good cook might be the main reason that she doesn’t want to cook because I can tell she doesn’t want the guys coming over every single Sunday, she likes the system that we have now of switching it up every week. Ultimately, I know that my wife won't let me down she will make her amazing finger foods and everyone is going to love it. Plus she will be extra excited when I tell her about Dish Satellite Tv because I know she's been talking about it for a long time. I guess a marriage is a constant give and take.

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