Thursday, December 31, 2009

Slow economy and big dreams

We are all worried about our slow economy and the future of our nation. Actually its not only our nation, its the whole world. At work today our boss told us that they don't have enough money left in the bank to cover our paychecks this week, so we have to wait for a few days. The problem is that the people our company sells too don't have money to pay for our product when they receive it. Our company has to wait for weeks to get paid. What that translates too is that our company has more money going out in bills than is coming in. Finally it all caught up and now we the employees have to wait to get paid. Whats the alternative? Really there is none except go out of business. That would mean the loss of our jobs, so we just hold our checks until there is enough money to cover them. I am just glad to still have a job, and I'm sure my fellow workers would agree. Its like this, we are just one link in the chain. We produce a product, sell that product to another company who uses it to produce their product. They then sell to another company who takes a step farther. Eventually it ends up in a store somewhere for sale. So whats the problem? People are not buying fast enough from the stores so the chain slows and gets weaker and weaker. Companies have to keep production up to make ends meet. Keeping production up floods the market, which makes the price of their product drop. Everything gets flooded and the products pile up in the warehouses. There are millions of people now that are in the same boat. Our jobs are not secure and we just live from one day to the next. My wife and I want to have a baby soon. We are working hard to reach our goals. Yes we have big dreams, but they are the same dreams shared by millions, nay billions of others. Its our God given right to have enough and to have a family to share it with. Life has no insurance. Yes there is life insurance but I'll say it again, life has no insurance. What the heck, if it did it wouldn't be near as interesting. I'll keep on going to work as long as I can, and I'll hold my paycheck if I have too and hope the money comes through soon enough that I can pay my bills. I thank God for giving me a chance to earn my way and have enough to sustain my life. Too many people want to sit and wait for a handout but where is the pride in that? Give me a hammer, a nail, and a chance, and I'll build myself a life........... God bless you.

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