Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The best internet service at the lowest prices

The internet is the storage facility of nearly all knowledge in our modern age. Its vitally important for all of us to have good access to the internet. We can handle our business matters more easily, save money shopping because we can look for the products we want all over the world, and we can keep in touch with our friends and family via instant messengers. Its of utmost importance for our children to have internet access so they can keep up with our modern world, and do research for their homework assignments etc. Of course saving money is also important so if you are looking for cheap dial up then Coppernet is a site that you need to check out. Their dial up service starts at just $9.95 per month. If you are more interested in dsl service Coppernet also provides that. You can reach internet speeds of up to 125 times faster than dial up and dsl service starts at just $19.95 per month! With high speed internet you can do so many things, including making telephone calls. When you choose one of Coppernet's dsl plans your connection is always on, you can use your phone while you are online, plus you get 30 hours of backup dial up service as an added bonus. If you are looking for the best place to provide the internet services you are looking for, then try Coppernet. You can pick the speed and also the price that fits your needs and budget best. They also provide many added features such as Copper Archive that lets you store and recover your treasured files. They also have Call Alert that will notify you when someone is trying to call you. They also offer Web Hosting and Design. Whatever your internet needs you can rest assured that Coppernet has exactly what you need!

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