Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jots of our weekend

Christmas is getting nearer and nearer. Yesterday we received some jewelery that I ordered for my wife. I got to see it but she didn't hehehee. I took it into our computer room, locked the door, and wrapped it up. Now she has to wait until Christmas. Lol she is moaning and groaning as she watches me write this. She wants to see that jewelery pretty bad. We also received some new workboots that I ordered last week. Now my feet will stay dry and warm at work. My wife wanted to wrap them until Christmas but I told her that my feet will get wet and cold at work. She gave in and let me keep them. Ok ok I know. That doesn't seem fair that I wrapped her jewelery and kept my boots but we bought her some boots last week also and she got to wear them yesterday. Today we re-arranged our bedroom. It was a pretty big job. We have a king sized bed, 2 old restored antique dressers. An old restored antique footlocker, bedside table, and millions of other things and it took a long time. We like it though because now our bed is centered in the room and we both have room on our side of the bed for a table, walkway, and dresser. We did some experimenting with cooking today. We bought a huge pork loin yesterday and today I cut off a roast sized piece, then cut around and around it to make a long thin slab of meat. Then I cut up some veggies into small pieces, marinaded the meat in Silver Swan Soy Sauce and coconut vinegar. Then I put the veggies on the meat, added spices, and rolled up the meat. We tied a string around it to hold it together and baked it slow for a couple of hours. When we cut slices off it looks sort of like a cinnamon roll except the bread is really meat and the cinnamon is really veggies. it was pretty good. Tonight my lovely wife made some Kilawin Tangigue to eat with it and we also had Afretada and rice. It was a feast fit for a king. Hope everyone has a wonderful week. The weather is cold here but supposed to be a little warmer for the next few days...... Later

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