Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just another complaint

Its cold! Today has been rainy and the temperature is supposed to take a drastic plunge this evening. Tomorrow the wind chill factor is supposed to be near 0 degrees. I guess the wind is supposed to blow strong and it will cut like a knife. I'm probably going to make a new blog, but I will keep this one. Our friendly know it all internet dictator google still hasn't restored my other blog. every week they pretend that they just got word that it is not a spam blog after all and they beg me for patience until they get time to check it to make sure. They can kiss my ass. I have no use for a company that gets big by walking on we the people. I did some research on the internet and it seems that a lot of people are very dis-satisfied with them because they simply don't give a darn about their customers. Customer support is a computer and if you do get to talk to a rep he will just tell you to fill out a form online. Thats after putting you on hold for several minutes. What jerks! On my wifes blogs google puts ads over the top of her posts so people can't read them. Yes google is a huge company with lots of power but we are the ones that gave them that power and we can take it away. I sent them an email last night and told them that when I had another option I would drop them like a hot rock. One guy on the internet said his company spends $100,000 per month on google adwords and when he calls them with a problem he gets the same canned nonsense that everyone else does. I am tired of waiting on the jerks to restore my blog so I have decided to start over. I have also decided to do what I can to spread the word of how they run their business so maybe just a few people will decide to go elsewhere. Maybe more than a few and if so, then I will have received the justice I deserve. Once again for those of you that don't already know, google just turned off my other blog, which had a 4 page rank, for no reason. They said it had some characteristics of a spam blog so their robot shut it down until they had time to check it. Welllllllllll guess what? Its not a spam blog, its many months of hard work for me wasted. Also its several hundred dollars gone, some of it was work that I had already done and submitted and got approved. google has characteristics of a bunch of jerks and I wish I knew how to shut them down until I could make sure. Thats my opinion on a company that walks on others. If your opinion is different thats ok. Just guard your hard work from them or you may find that they will take it away too.

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