Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meatloaf and mis-understandings

Fall is officially here and the leaves are rapidly changing colors now. It has been raining so much that my work is not steady now. I'm trying to be disappointed about it but so far I haven't been able to convince myself. Its nice to stay home with my wife for a few days and rest. We had a mis-understanding last weekend. We are from different cultures and countries so its easy to mis-understand. She thought I said one thing when I had really said another. By the time we figured out what was going on we were both mad and hurt. My advice to everyone is to always talk about everything with your partner. Be honest and forthright even if its not what they want to hear. My wife and I have a wonderful close relationship and when one of us mis-understands it causes a lot of pain for both of us. The chickens are eating us out of house and home! They eat at least 100 pounds of food per week now and I don't know if we will ever be able to get our money back from them lol. No matter though, we love having them and taking care of them. We built our dog a new house and a new pen right beside the chicken pen. Our dog has a huge voice even though its a small dog and it wakes us sometimes barking. Now she has Brooster the Rooster living beside her and Brooster loves to crow loudly. I told my wife that now the dog is getting paid back for barking so much lol. Brooster has no mercy and crows any and all times of the day. I made meatloaf for my wife today, since I am not working anyway. Its the second time I have fixed it for her and she loves it. We had sandwiches made from meatloaf and Miracle Whip. Food is like most things in life, the more simple the better...... Have a nice day everyone.

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  1. You're so sweet. You prepare leatloaf for your wife.