Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The End of the World, is Armageddon near?

I don't like to be a prophet of doom but have you noticed how many natural disasters our world has been experiencing? Not long ago I barely knew what a psunami was. Now they are common and we hear of them often. So many earthquakes, wildfires, new illnesses added to the ones we already had, wars and rumors of wars, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, you name it. The Bible discusses the last days of the sinful world and says that there will be many more calamities such as the things we have been experiencing. Of course some scientists put all of this down to global warming, but that doesn't explain earthquakes and some of the other things we have seen lately. Yes I know, there have always been earthquakes and wildfires, illnesses and psunami's, and all the other events we are seeing, but if you check back in recorded history you will find that there have been many more such happenings in the last 50 years than in all of recorded history put together. I know, I know, we have better communications now than then but I am talking about major earthquakes etc that would leave a lot of damage and get noticed. I don't mean tiny trembles that are only noticeable on seismographs. Suppose some of the illnesses we have now had been loosed on the world a few hundred years ago.... Yes I am a believer in God and of the Bible, although not all so called Bibles are Gods word. So what can we do? Well, we can't stop the events that are unfolding because they have to happen. Also we shouldn't want to stop them because it is the beginning of a new and much nicer world where the good people that are left will all be safe and have enough of everything. To answer the question forming in your mind, yes the Bible does state that most good people will remain here on the earth, most won't go to Heaven. I personally don't want too. I want to remain here in the new perfect world that will form. Also to answer another question, no I don't believe in a burning hell. That belief comes from mythology and from mis-understandings and mis-translations of the Bible. Think about that one for a minute. Everlasting torture would make God guilty of more sin and suffering than Satan. Pretty blunt I know, but think about it. Sin is basically anything that causes suffering and/or death. Satan is responsible for a huge but measurable amount of it. Measurable because it has a beginning and someday an end. However if God tortured sinful people forever there would be a beginning, but no end. I personally know that God is a loving God and wants to put this earth back to the perfect and sinless condition that he made it originally. The wages of sin are death". Death, not everlasting life in torture as most believe. "The meek shall inherit the earth". Yep that is what it says, and most of us have heard that verse a thousand time but didn't let it sink in. If we are good most of us will remain here forever, or be resurrected to eternal life here. Psalms chapter 37, verse 29. You can read for yourself. It says (sometimes worded slightly different in different translations) "The earth will stand forever and the righteous will remain forever upon it". Also read the whole chapter and you will find that it talks more about this. Armageddon is not just a word or something we are taught to scare us into being good. Its an actual event that is now unfolding. How long will it be? Nobody knows but from all of the evidence it is likely to happen within the next few years. Will you be ready? Will I and my wife? I sincerely hope so. Keep your eyes and ears open and consider what I have written here as you watch the news in weeks and years to come. Hopefully I have planted a seed in your mind. You don't have to be convinced now, just watch and listen. Can you feel something different in the air these last few years? I can. Think of how much safer the world felt just a few years ago. Now there seems to be a sense of danger and urgency in the air all the time. Sometimes I wonder if its just me, but then I look around and I realize that everyone or nearly everyone feels it. We are part of this earth and everything is in a delicate balance. When that balance is affected we all know it. Much smarter people than I have a firm belief in God. When you rationalize everything out its easy to see that all this didn't "just happen". I have a friend that is not a believer and he told me once that the earth was like his house, he didn't have to see it built to know how it happened. I clamped my mouth and didn't reply that his house didn't just come to be all on its on, or through evolution. There wasn't a big bang up the street one day that caused all the boards and nails to come together in just the right order. A house has only a few thousand parts. This earth has billions and to think that they all just fell into place automatically is foolishness beyond belief. Einstein was a devout believer in God and actually refused to publish one theory because he was afraid that it would destroy the belief in God for many people. There are many publications of the Bible and after doing some research I realized that the well meaning translators of some of these have probably done more harm than good. To name one and risk making many people angry with me, is the King James Version. OK here I go making you mad. Its called the King James Version because that is exactly what it is. Its King James version, 'of the Bible'. It has nearly 4000 added verses, some that KJ himself, or his translators made up on the spot to get across their own beliefs. Some came from other sources over a period of many years and nobody seems to know where they originated. Also in KJ version Gods name was omitted nearly 7000 times. At least one religion is based primarily on verses that shouldn't even exist. If you want to read the Bible, and you should, then get a real Bible and not one that was translated according to pre-formed beliefs. Life is good and someday it will be perfect for many. I would like to be one of that number. Is Armageddon near? From all the evidence my opinion is YES! I hope to meet you in the New World someday......

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