Sunday, October 25, 2009

Laptop hard drive went out

Leaves leaves everywhere! My wife and I mowed our yard last weekend and this weekend we can't even see our yard. We had lots of wind and rain and now everything is covered with leaves. The weather now is pretty nice but guess what....... Yepp, more rain on the way and even a chance of freezing rain next week. I guess winter is on its way. I haven't been getting to work full time lately because of the weather but I have been enjoying myself immensely. I have been getting to spend more time here with my lovely wife and we have had a lot of fun. First we sleep very late in the morning and by then our chickens are half starved so first thing when we get up we go out to feed them and our little dog. When we open the door to our chicken house the chickens just come piling out lol. They eat all the time! Then we have been playing Shaiya online a lot, until my computer broke. The hard-drive went out of our laptop last week and I ordered one but its now on back-order so I don't know when it will come. Its the second time a hard-drive has went out of that laptop in 8 months. When I called the company to see if they would warranty it the representative told me it wasn't a hard-drive problem but was soft-ware instead and I would have to pay $60 per 30 minutes for them to help me. He barely spoke English and it made me mad. I told him that the laptop wasn't worth that much money lol. Its a Gateway and its the last Gateway I will ever own. It has been nothing but trouble. I read on the net later that they are notorious for hard drives failing. Anyway I will just fix it myself. A better than original hard drive only cost $10 more than the rep was going to charge me for 30 minutes of bullcrap. I'm sure after he had gotten my money he would have miraculously discovered that it was the hard drive after all and they they would have tried to charge me 3 times as much to replace it, plus the fee to "discover" what I already knew. I get aggravated when a company won't stand by their products so no more Gateway for me. Its a gateway to a piece of crap computer lol. Ok I've complained enough about that. I will post again when I get it fixed. The silly rep told me replacing the hard drive wouldn't fix it because it was a software problem. Welllllll I have news for him. Software is installed where??? In the hard drive of course! What a nut, but I promised to stop griping didn't I? Ok I will now lol. Everyone have a wonderful week. More rain coming here so I'm going to take a walk now with my wife. Vaya con dios....

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