Thursday, June 21, 2012

Handicapped equipped vans can make life much easier

If you are disabled, or know someone who is, you know just how difficult even the smallest tasks can become if you don't have the proper equipment. It's important to give handicapped people every chance we can to make their lives easier and more productive. One of the most important things is to ensure proper transportation, which in most cases would include vans for handicapped.

Having spent some time with handicapped people I know first hand just how much more simple it is to have a van equipped with a wheelchair lift and all of the proper contrivances to enable easy loading and unloading. It makes the old way of having to physically lift the handicapped person obsolete.

Quality of life is everything. I always try to remember that it's not the number of breaths that we take, it's the number of things we experience that takes our breath away. That rule applies to handicapped people as well as healthy people. Being able to travel more easily in a specially equipped handicap van is just one of many ways to make our "special" people happier.

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