Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Writers block and a black bear

I seem to have hit a brick wall in my writing lately. Now I know what it means when a professional writer gets stagnant and can’t write for a period of time. I used to be full of ideas and couldn’t wait to get home so I could write about them. Now I am blank and nothing seems worthy to write about. Every time I work hard and get my page rank up, Google comes along and cuts it for no apparent reason. A few months later my rank will come back, even if I don’t change anything on my blog. It’s discouraging and I wish Google would come up with some definite rules to judge page rank, instead of letting their idiot crawler run rampant destroying the value of people’s hard work.

On a happier note, I am glad that it’s spring. The weather here is wonderful this week; cool nights and warm days. My wife has planted a garden and it’s growing well. Soon we should have some fresh veggies and peaches from our peach tree. It’s loaded with fruit this year. Hopefully it won’t all get eaten by insects. We built a fence around our garden this year to keep out the wild animals, such as deer.

Speaking of wild animals, I seen a bear on the way home from work today. it ran across the highway and the car in front of me nearly hit it. Since there wasn’t any cars behind me I stopped and said “hello big boy” to it. The bear turned and looked at me, then went on off through the woods. Pretty neat, but I have seen many bears in the past, and have had several here in the yard. A couple of young ones climbed trees when our dog barked at them. I love living in the country!

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