Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peace and contentment, life is good!

What beautiful fall weather we are having! The temperature is perfect, the sky is clear, I am in love, and today I don’t have to work. All is well! My wife and I cooked outside today. We built a fire from oak wood and cooked some burgers and some salmon over the open fire. We had some steamed veggies, mushrooms and gravy, corn, and potatoes. It was a feast fit for a king and we enjoyed it a lot. We now have our water storage tanks installed and full of water so now we have plenty of water. If you haven’t already guessed, we live in the country. Not just in the country but way back in the country, in the mountains. We both love it here; its our little private paradise. The peace, the tall trees, the lovely sky and nature all around us gives us both great joy in our life. We both wish for all of you that you also find the peace and joy that we have.

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