Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The band Toto was super talented

I recently recorded a concert by “Toto” on our DVR and have been watching parts of it over and over. Wow what a band they were! I knew they had talent but I didn’t realize that they were the superb musicians and vocalists that they are. They all have beautiful high pitched voices that ring as clear as a bell, with seemingly perfect pitch. I especially like to hear the lead singer Bobby Kimball sing. To just look at the man you wouldn’t suspect that he could even sing in the shower, but sing he certainly can. His voice is the best in the band, but like I said they are all very talented. I am a musician so true talent impresses me a lot. I know firsthand the hard work that goes into making a band sound good. I play bass guitar but when I saw Toto’s bassist, I have to confess that I was somewhat jealous. The man can PLAY! The lead guitarist is in my opinion one of the best in the world. Together the band is unstoppable, except for one thing. They are now disbanded. It seems that one of the original players died from some disease and it took the heart out of the others. After more than 30 years of beautiful music, Toto is no more. But their music lives on, and will for many years. You go guys!

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