Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally, an effective sleep apnea treatment

There are many sleep disorders, but sleep apnea is one of the most common. My mother suffers from it. Sleeping well is certainly one of the most important criteria for continued good health. I have been wanting to find a good sleep apnea treatment for my mother so she can get the good quality sleep she needs to keep her health as long as possible.

Luckily there is just such a treatment. Back in 1989 a doctor fell asleep at the wheel and had a major car accident. He lived, but had sleep apnea thereafter. Desperate to get his sleep back to normal, he started experimenting with a mouthpiece to solve his problem. Over time he came up with a comfortable and effective mouthpiece design that has changed the life of thousands of people. It works by positioning the lower jaw forward, and keeping the tongue from falling into the throat during sleep. It works simply, and well. I am eager to get one for my mother, and hopefully then she will get the good rest she needs for good health and happiness.

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