Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Goodbye old friend

Today I was surprised to find out that one of my old and dear friends had died suddenly. I seen him just last weekend walking around and looking healthy. I have no idea what took his life but I will miss him. He was older than me and I remember when I was a young man; fresh away from home, He took a liking to me, a perfect stranger, and took me under his wing and helped me find jobs when I had no work, loaned me money when I was broke and in need, and had me in his home to visit him and his wife and kids many times. Over the years I stopped visiting with my friend and the years passed swiftly by. Upon discovering his death I realize how many years it has been since I was in his home and how much I will miss him and the friendship he always gave to me. I remember swimming and getting sunburned, jumping off a swing into the river, going hunting, playing cards, eating, laughing; so many things, but all many years ago.

Sometimes we take friendships for granted as I have done and we don’t know until it’s too late just how much they mean to us. Troy always made much of me, even when I didn’t feel like much. He wasn’t close to many people, but he wanted to be close to me. I remember once that he had unexpected visitors on a day when he had invited me over to visit long ago. He asked the visitors to leave so they wouldn’t infringe on our time to visit together. Troy worked hard for many years and had just retired a couple of years ago. He looked hale and healthy, and I thought he would be around for a long time. I thought that I had a lot of years to be his friend, when I found the time. Time has run out and now he is gone suddenly, without warning. Goodbye old friend and may God rest your soul, and may you live again someday in a place more special than this.….

To my friend Troy-1945-2012

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