Monday, December 5, 2011

Help! I'm a Mom of Two Teenagers!

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

Teenagers!!! It should almost be a bad word. It’s the process when you’re sweet and cuddly baby turns into a mean and nasty monster for approximately 7 years. During this process, they are trying to learn how to be responsible, respectful little people but you would never know it by their actions and attitudes. Similar to a caterpillar, they should go into a cocoon for these 7 years to emerge as a beautiful butterfly and save us all trouble of having to deal with them in these trying teenage years. Unfortunately, we can’t send them into a cocoon, but luckily somewhere around 20 years of age, they start acting like people again....or so I’ve heard and holding out hope for. I’ve got 2 kids both in their teen years and at times, I want to kick my little chickies right out of my nest and make them fly on their own. Other times, I can see they’re trying to be sweet but their hormones are making them into monsters. Either way, I still love them and want to keep them safe. We recently researched Family HOME SECURITY and decided it was what we needed. Both teenagers are home a good bit when my husband and I aren’t, and this helps us feel a little better about their safety.

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