Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day and we have enjoyed it!

Today is Independence Day and a time to remember how we won our freedom. We didn’t really do a lot but last night we set off a few inexpensive fireworks and enjoyed them as much as if they were expensive. My wife and I giggled and played like two small kids.

Today we built a fire outside and put the grille on it. We marinated some chicken wings in our special homemade sauce and slow cooked them on the coals of the fire. I mixed 2 different kinds of barbecue sauce that we like and then added some ingredients of my own. It was absolutely fabulous! Yummy! My wife cooked some eggs and eggplant, along with various and sundry herbs and veggies. Its kind of like an omelet done Philippine style and its good!  We had mashed potatoes with all that and it was good enough to make ya want to slap yo mama. We love to cook like that. Now we are sitting here in the house trying to recuperate. I probably won’t get to watch any firework displays tonight because I have to go to bed early. We start work at 4:00am now. Anyway it has been a wonderful weekend and I hope yours was as good!

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